Zinc Powder Displacement Device

Zinc Powder Displacement Device

A system extracts gold from pregnant solution by zinc powder.Production capacity:≤1200m3/d.Product Constitution:Zinc powder displacement process is composed of pregnant solution purification, deoxidation and zinc powder filtering replacement.

Product Features:

Zinc powder displacement Process has 3 steps including pregnant Process purification, deoxidation and zinc powder filtering replacement.

1.Pregnant Process purification.

Principle:Gold pregnant Process often contains suspended solids which should be removed before replacement. Pregnant Process purification is the Process to remove suspended solid.Equipment:Frame press filter.

2.Deoxidation:Work Principle: Dissolved oxygen in pregnant Process hinders displacement of zinc and gold.Equipment:Deoxidation tower.

3.Displacement and filtering:Work principle: Including 2 steps adding zinc powder and displacement; when adding the zinc into pregnant Process, the displacement action starts. The displacement equipment finishes the displacement and gold mud filtration.Equipment: Zinc powder adding, Belt type zinc powder feeder, Disc type powder feeder, Zinc powder mixer.

Product Application:

The device is mainly aimed at gold ore containing silver. After purification and deoxidation, zinc powder displacement device is added, and finally the gold mud is obtained.